GeoReadiness Common Installation Picture (CIP)

GeoReadiness Common Installation Picture (CIP)

To access the GeoReadiness CIP or additional mapping products and services you will have to register for a NAVFAC Portal Account . NAVFAC Portal access requires both a Common Access Card (CAC) and a sponsor approval. Paul Van Zuyle can provide sponsorship to anyone who can justify a business need for GeoReadiness access.

NAVFAC Portal accounts automatically grant basic access to GeoReadiness and GRX. GRX is the GeoReadiness Explorer, a web mapping application that provides

Additional privileges for specific regional maps are granted by each region upon request using the “Request GeoReadiness System Access” link on each GeoReadiness Regional page .

CIP Web Services

CIP GIS layers are now available as a web services . You will need the below listed url and a software client that can consume the service and respond to a prompt for credentials, such as ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 with the Quality Improvement Patch (QIP). Please take note that current NMCI configurations of ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 does not have the QIP installed.

CIP web service urls:


ArcGIS Server Service: