EIMS Common Operating Picture (COP)

EIMS Common Operating Picture (COP)

To access the Environmental Information Management System (EIMS) COP or additional mapping products and services you will have to register for an EIMS User Account. EIMS access requires both a Common Access Card (CAC) and a sponsor approval. A list of sponsors is available on the user registration page. Sponsorship will be provided to anyone who can justify a business need for EIMS access.

COP Web Map Applications and GIS Data

COP GIS layers are organized by Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR) and can be viewed over the internet by visiting each AOR Web Map. Web map urls are listed below. Each of the AOR Web Maps will allow you to discover, interact , and download the COP layers in multiple GIS formats.

Web Map Apps:

  • USFF – Atlantic / Gulf of Mexico
  • 3RD Fleet – Pacific Fleet
  • 7TH Fleet – Pacific Fleet