Shipboard Systems

All U.S. Navy warships have suites of solid waste equipment (Plastic Waste Processors, Large and Small Pulpers, Metal/Glass Shredders) onboard to compress and store all plastics for shore disposal or recycling and to, process biodegradable materials for safe discharge while at sea. Large deck ships (aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships) are also equipped with incinerators which burn some of the paper, cardboard and plastics the ship generates while at sea., All U.S. Navy ships are equipped with Oil Pollution Abatement equipment which separate oily waste from the water, in our bilge water, and keeping oily waste out of the ocean. All U.S. Navy ships are equipped with Marine Sanitation Devices, which prevent discharge of untreated sewage in port and near land. We use tributyl tin-free hull and propeller coatings on (all of our ships) to keep the hulls free of biofouling and invasive species while minimizing impact to the environment.