Navy and Marine Mammals: Fact vs. Myth

Dolphins and Navy ship

The U.S. Navy is a responsible steward of the marine environment. While it is impossible to guarantee that our activities at sea will have zero impacts on marine life, the Navy works closely with environmental regulatory agencies (National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Environmental Protection Agency, state agencies) to minimize impacts and comply with applicable laws while meeting our national security obligations. We are also a world leader in funding independent research to learn more about marine mammal populations and their sensitivity to underwater sound. We strive to be transparent in describing our activities to the public, government agencies, and the press.

At times, statements that appear in the press regarding the effects of sonar and other Navy training and testing activities on marine life require clarification and/or contain inaccuracies. To ensure that accurate, science-based information about Navy activities is accessible to interested stakeholders, Navy responses to select media articles are included below.

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