Power Loads

Power loads is a very broad area that includes all of the energy consumers on a platform or used by a Marine in the field. This includes the hull of a ship to a radio carried by a Marine. Research in the power loads area is focused on reducing weight, increasing capability, and increasing efficiency with the net effect of reducing fuel consumption. Research on platforms focuses on advanced lightweight materials to reduce structural weight while increasing platform capability and improving survivability/damage tolerance; improved hull designs, coatings and hull cleaning techniques to reduce resistance and drag; and efficiency improvements to hull, mechanical and electrical systems. Some examples include polymer matrix composite materials; higher strength, light weight steels; higher temperature materials with high heat rejection properties; higher efficiency propulsors; improved efficiency water purification/desalination systems; and improved efficiency air conditioning compressors. Research on electronic warfare, radar, and communication systems is focused on improved efficiency electronics, and the use of multifunction components and subsystems.