Distribution and Control

Distribution and control programs are focused on developing higher efficiency electrical distribution architectures, switching devices, control strategies and thermal management techniques required to support the next generation of naval combatants. The approach is to provide multidisciplinary modeling and simulation tools (electrical, mechanical and thermal) allowing the design of cohesive, simple, more efficient system architectures incorporating the latest high power density electrical power conversion, distribution systems and equipment. Inherent in increasing power density is improving the heat rejection capability of electrical and electronic systems. The work spans the spectrum from conducting basic materials research to design of  high power machines to developing high-speed (nano-second), high-repetition, reliable, high power networks within the volumetric and cost constraints of a ship system. The programs will support the high power levels, rapid switching and system reconfiguration required for advanced weapons and defensive systems, and ship propulsion. The payoff will be increased capability, significant weight and space savings, and improved fuel usage efficiency.