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DONEnergyGoals SECNAV: DON Energy Goals More Than Just Fuel – Jan 16, 2016
PensaGroundBreak ASN McGinn at NAS Pensacola/NAS Whiting Field Groundbreaking Ceremony – Dec 16, 2015
NASWhitingGroundBreak NAS Whiting Field Commanding Officer at NAS Pensacola/NAS Whiting Field Groundbreaking Ceremony — Dec. 16, 2015
 KingsBayGroundBreak ASN McGinn at SUBASE Kings Bay Groundbreaking Ceremony — Sep. 10, 2015
 Gigawatt What Is a Gigawatt? — Sep. 1, 2015


 RepoFactsheet REPO Program Factsheet
Learn about REPO and our projects.
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Repo5Facts 5 Facts About Renewable Energy Factsheet
Discover 5 things about renewable energy and why it’s a good choice for everyone.
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Repo5Things-1 5 Things Every Sailor Should Know: Solar Power Can Help Stabilize Our Energy Costs Factsheet
Find out how renewable energy can help stabilize the DON’s energy costs.
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Repo5Things-2 5 Things Every Sailor Should Know: Benefits of Renewable Energy Factsheet
Renewable energy benefits the DON in many ways. Find out more.
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Diversify. Defend. Deliver. Depend. Graphic
Renewable energy allows the DON to diversify its resources, defend energy generation assets by housing them on bases, deliver substantial energy security to surrounding communities, and remain resilient with assured access to energy.
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 RepoProjectBenefits Project Benefits Graphic
Explore the benefits of renewable energy projects built on bases.
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