Resilient Energy Program Office



The Department of the Navy (DON) Resilient Energy Program Office (REPO) executes energy resilience, alternative energy and renewable energy projects with the mission to enhance the DON’s energy resilience.

In March, 2016, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Energy, Installations & Environment Dennis McGinn directed REPO to focus on installation energy resilience projects to capitalize on the office’s industry relationships and expertise in third-party financing, energy systems and energy acquisition.

On December 31, 2016, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) released its 2017 Concept of Operations, which included the establishment of the Resilient Energy Program Office within the NAVFAC Public Works Business Line. This new “REPO” merges the NAVFAC Headquarters Energy Office and the former “Renewable” Energy Program Office and provides a comprehensive energy management structure to ensure energy investments are most effectively applied across Navy and Marine Corps installations.

Why Focus on Energy Resilience?

The Department of the Navy is pursuing energy projects which enhance its energy resilience to improve the nation’s energy security, operational capability, strategic flexibility and resource availability. These projects support the warfighter abroad by reinforcing the DON’s foundation at home. The benefits of these projects to the DON include:

  1. Cost-effective, mission-compatible assets which leverage third-party financing
  2. Long-term operational cost stability
  3. Islanding capabilities using microgrid technology
  4. Utility infrastructure upgrades

Example Microgrid Structure

How is the DON Financing These Energy Projects?

The DON is using three acquisition models that center on third-party financing. Here’s how they work: