Great Green Fleet

The Great Green Fleet (GGF) was a year-long, Department of the Navy initiative that demonstrates the sea service’s efforts to transform its energy use. As one of the Secretary of the Navy’s key energy goals, the purpose of the GGF was to make our Sailors and Marines better warfighters, able to go farther, stay longer and deliver more firepower. Former Secretary Mabus chose the name Great Green Fleet to honor President Theodore Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet, which helped usher in America as a global power on the world stage at the beginning of the 20th Century. The GGF has helped usher in the next era of Dept. of Navy energy innovation.

The centerpiece of the Great Green Fleet was the John C. Stennis Strike Group (CSG) that was deployed on alternative fuels, including nuclear power for the carrier and a blend of advanced biofuel made from beef fat and traditional petroleum for its escort ships. These biofuels had been procured by DON at prices that are on par with conventional fuels, as required by law, and are certified as “drop-in” replacements that require no engine modifications or changes to operational procedures. The CSG also used energy efficient technologies and operating procedures referred to as Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) during the course of its normal operations.

Throughout 2016, other Dept. of Navy platforms including ships, aircraft, amphibious and expeditionary forces, as well as shore installations, participated in the GGF by using energy efficient systems, operational procedures, and/or alternative fuel during the course of planned mission functions worldwide.

Ashore, DON installations have in procurement 1.1 gigawatts of renewable energy – or about one-half of overall DON power requirements as of January 2016. Renewable energy projects at our facilities can help increase resiliency by enabling them to continue operations in the event of a commercial grid disruption.