Energy Acquisition Guidance, Legislation and Policy Documents

USS North Carolina

(1)  2010 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR):  DoD will fully implement the Energy Efficiency Key Performance Parameter (KPP) and Fully Burdened Cost of Fuel (FBCF) methodologies required by the NDAA 2009.

(2)  National Defense Authorization Act of 2009 (NDAA 2009): (a) Requires a fuel efficiency KPP in the requirements development process; (b) Requires analysis of life-cycle cost for new systems, including FBCF during AoAs; (c) Requires analyses of force planning processes to consider the requirements for, and vulnerability of, fuel logistics.

(3)  National Defense Authorization Act of 2007 (NDAA 2007): DoD’s policy is to improve the fuel efficiency of weapons platforms, consistent with mission requirements, to enhance platform performance and to reduce fuel logistics systems, the burden high fuel consumption places on agility, the financial impact of volatile oil prices and operating costs.

(4)  Interim DoD Instruction 5000.02 – Operation of the Defense Acquisition System (November 2013): Directs that AoAs assess alternative ways to improve energy efficiency.

(5)  Manual for the Operation of the Joint Capabilities Integration & Development System (January 2012): Establishes energy efficiency as a KPP.