Living Marine Resources (LMR) Program

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Our Mission
The Living Marine Resources (LMR) program’s fundamental mission is to support the Navy’s ability to conduct uninterrupted training and testing, which preserve core Navy readiness capabilities. The LMR program meets its mission and responsibilities by:

  • Improving the best available science regarding the potential impacts to marine species from Navy activities, available for use in at-sea environmental compliance documentation;
  • Demonstrating and validating basic research projects that are ready for applied research investment; and
  • Broadening the use of or improving the technology and methods available to the U.S. Navy marine species monitoring program.

Research funded by the LMR program is needed to support the Navy’s at-sea environmental compliance and permitting processes. Without permits and associated environmental compliance, the Navy risks not being able to train or test. Without training and testing, the Navy cannot be ready to meet its mission. Environmental compliance is fundamental to continued uninterrupted training and testing, and ultimately, to Navy readiness.

Our Investment Areas
The LMR program makes its primary investments in the following five investment areas:

  1. Data to Support Risk Threshold Criteria
  2. Data Processing and Analysis Tools
  3. Monitoring Technology Demonstrations
  4. Standards and Metrics
  5. Emergent Topics

Learn More
Needs: To have your need considered in the program’s current business cycle, it must be submitted by 29 Jun 2018. Needs submitted after this date will be retained and considered in the next annual business cycle. Click here for additional information on who can submit a need and how to do it.

Proposals: To learn more about current and past proposal solicitations, click here for additional information.

Current Projects: To learn more about the current research projects the program invests in, click here to access project summaries.

Completed Projects: To learn more about the research projects that have been completed, click here to access project summaries, final reports, and publication citations.

LMR News: The Summer 2018 issue of our quarterly newsletter is now available. Our newsletter provides insight into the program’s operations, accomplishments, and future focus areas, click here to access current and past issues.

Annual Reports: Our FY 17 annual report is available which details FY 2017 accomplishments and plans for FY 2018 and beyond, click here to access current and past FY annual reports.

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